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Founder: Dr. Gerilyn Johnson


Hope Harvest non-profit was birthed from a dream and passion to help and serve the impoverished mothers and children in Africa through education, training and sustainable life skills. It all began from a lifechanging trip to Kenya in 2018 where I met the amazing teacher of a girl’s teen center. Many of these young women were homeless pregnant or had children out of wedlock. They would gather beneath an avocado tree for shelter and simple lessons at the direction and leadership of a community mother everyone had come to know and love. The compassion of the now Director Mrs. Hellen Mwashi drove her to make a way for these young ladies to keep their children and to learn new sewing skills. She eventually embraced more children many being orphans and did her very best to share her own resources with them.  

Our Goal

We were blessed by the Build A School Foundation who helped us match funds to build the Gerhellen School and Early Childhood Development Center in Kitale, Kenya. Now we must continue this journey by continued training of the girls, education for the children and sustainable income projects for supplies, school maintenance and other related needs.
I believe in many sayings that include but are not limited to “education levels the playing field” (paraphrased Joyce Meyer et al) and “give a man a fish he eats for a day…teach a man to fish he eats for life” (Lao Tzu).
Your Support 
With Your Support of a one time or monthly donations of any amount can provide:

  • Food

  •  Salaries

  • Shelter

  • Income

  • Most of all the Dignity we all desire for this community at large

All Donations are Tax Deductible

Thank You for Your Support

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